TFB Wings

Compatible only with R-Backs, TFB Wings offer a more assertive lateral support, with three points of horizontal angle of adjustment and two points of vertical adjustment, the wings provide a more embracing and comfortable support. Available with Coolcore Technology for additional through-out-the-year comfort.

Stealth Laterals

The Lateral hardware compatible with TFB R-Backs and I-Backs will offer lateral support that is adjustable and comfortable. Available for pediatric and adult sizes. When used with R-Backs, laterals can be combined with Wings.

Adjustability Features

Track Adjustment System

Lateral and Mounting hardware can easily be set up thanks to the TFB track system. Adjust height with high presicion that would hold effectively thanks to the powder coated back surface.


Mount in Virtually Any Frame

The TFB can be mounted in almost any wheelchair back frame in the market with many options to choose from. From inexpensive easy to set up J&L hardware to ADI Quick Release hardware. Available for 2 point or 4 point configurations, depending on the hardware.

Customization Features

Bi-Angular Back Upgrade

For a lumbar support that is more ergonomically adjustable. Compatible with 4 point mounting hardware set up only. Simple and easy. Available for R-Backs and I-Backs.

Foam Options

From a variety of foam layers to choose from, curved by foam option, ADI lumbar support, to an instant personal molding configuration with the F.I.P.S Liquid SunMate® (Foam-In-Place Seating).

Get the Right Cover

Stealth has chosen the best materials to offer the most comfortable experience. Choose between CoolCore, Air Mesh or Neoprene, each of them with their own advantages.